Collection: Walking Devices and Wheelchairs

The use of assistive devices help to decrease pain while moving, improves balance and allows for gains in weight bearing tolerance, thus prolonging your ability to safely stand and walk. These items such as walkers and canes enable you to engage more in activities of daily living in a safer manner.

  • Shower Chairs and Transfer Benches

    • Seated support while bathing
    • Allows for seated transitioning in and out of the tub or shower
    • Specifically designed to be used in wet environments
  • Grab Bars, Bedrails and Reachers

    • Sturdy holding surface for entry into and exit from shower area
    • Support to get in and out of bed
    • Support to push off of while sitting at edge of bed prior to standing
    • Support device to recover/ grab items out of reach or at lower surfaces
  • Walkers and Canes

    • Increase ability to walk safely and independently
    • Decrease pain while walking
    • Improve balance to reduce risk of falling
    • Improve tolerance for being on your feet
  • Commodes

    • Adaptable seated surfaces with support to safely get up and down when using toilet
    • 3 versatile locations:
    1. At bedside - used as toilet
    2. Over toilet - giving seated height support and a "push off" surface
    3. In shower - as shower chair
  • Wheelchair

    • Permits involvement in daily activities for those with reduced mobility
    • Decreases risk of falls
    • Improves quality of life for those with decreased strength and balance