Home and Mobility Check

As you age and control how your co-morbidities or health impacts your function, it is also vital for you to assess your home and evaluate your ability to move within it in a safe manner.  Our durable medical equipment (DME) products offer benefits to your safety and mobility; whether you are having a setback due to surgery, are in post-operative recovery, have a history of repeated falls, are recovering from a recent hospitalization, or have any other health problem(s) that might impact your ability to safely move.


Could I Benefit From DME Within My Home:

  1. Do I need a walking device to safely make it from one area to another in my home?
  2. Am I concerned I may fall while trying to get up from a laying position or stand up from a seated position?
  3. Do I have pain when I am moving?
  4. Does my home only have tub showers?
  5. Do I need to sit for any period of time while showering?
  6. Do I need to hold onto something when getting in and out or while in the shower?
  7. Do I need help from someone to get in and out of the bed?
  8. Am I limited in how long I can be on my feet before I need to sit?
  9. Am I dizzy when I stand up or when I try and walk?
  10. Is the toilet height too low for me?

If you answered yes, to any one of these questions, please contact us for a free consultation on how we may be able to retrofit your home with DME devices that mitigate the risk of falls or injury and promote YOUr greater mobility.