About You Mobility, LLC is a family owned, online durable medical equipment (DME) company. Owner Azalia Miranda, M.S.P.T. , is a licensed Physical Therapist who has been practicing for over 18 years in the Tampa Bay area; specializing in home based care and recovery programs that prioritize the needs of post-operative patients and the geriatric community looking to regain their balance, mobility, and quality of life.  In her time caring for patients within the Home Health setting, Azalia identified a need in the immediate availability of specialized medical equipment, otherwise known as DME. Such equipment effectively assists in minimizing the risk of injury, hospitalization or regression in a patient's home recovery programs. 

Conventional processes to obtain DME for your home involving Medicare, VA benefits, or private insurance add delays that YOUr independence, YOUr mobility and YOUr quality of life cannot afford to wait for.  About You Mobility, LLC, bridges this gap in your immediate mobility needs. The process of fulfilling insurance requirements for coverage of items can be lengthy and purposely cumbersome. Your safety may be at risk while waiting for doctor scripts, supporting medical documentation, and insurance processing.

About You Mobility, LLC, carries an extensive inventory of these same products allowing you to be in a safer home environment without delay.  We offer a variety of safety equipment and mobility devices that decrease risk of falls. Recognizing that your home and mobility needs are individualistic, our approach and what we offer is truly about taking YOU into account.

Estamos aquí, a su orden, para asegurar que usted pueda seguir viviendo cada día con seguridad y movilidad.