Collection: Products

  • Shower Chairs and Transfer Benches

    • Seated support while bathing
    • Allows for seated transitioning in and out of the tub or shower
    • Specifically designed to be used in wet environments
  • Grab Bars, Bedrails and Reachers

    • Sturdy holding surface for entry into and exit from shower area
    • Support to get in and out of bed
    • Support to push off of while sitting at edge of bed prior to standing
    • Support device to recover/ grab items out of reach or at lower surfaces
  • Walkers and Canes

    • Increase ability to walk safely and independently
    • Decrease pain while walking
    • Improve balance to reduce risk of falling
    • Improve tolerance for being on your feet
  • Commodes

    • Adaptable seated surfaces with support to safely get up and down when using toilet
    • 3 versatile locations:
    1. At bedside - used as toilet
    2. Over toilet - giving seated height support and a "push off" surface
    3. In shower - as shower chair
  • Wheelchair

    • Permits involvement in daily activities for those with reduced mobility
    • Decreases risk of falls
    • Improves quality of life for those with decreased strength and balance